September 2021 Update

You’ve probably noticed a lot of things different the past few weeks as we’ve been ramping up for the new season. We couldn’t have headed in this direction without our lovely partners both small and fortune 500.


Match VOD field in the match panel lets you attach footage.

Generate match-up cards for Leagues.

Launched “Highlight” tab available in all partner hubs.

Sponsor management is now available in partner hubs.

Coaches can now invite players with a direct link to join in team management.

Coaches now have access to “Coach Notes’, a feature to allow coach-to-coach note sharing. Share Gamertags, pre-match heads ups and more!

Discord features are available in partner hubs.

Home / Away designation in match lobbies.

Added start round on round-robin as a checkpoint for more control of automation

Added in captain/coach/schools information to partner hub

Embed your standings and schedule now available.


The grouping bug that was collapsing groups has been fixed.

Email server maintenance has been completed and the reset password is working

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