At UGC, we are the community, the players, the fans. Our passion for gaming and esports runs deep. Our love for the games we play is reflected in the product we produce. Community, passion, education, and empowerment are the waypoints that have guided us from “1v1ing” in our basements to the main stage at Caesars Entertainment Studios, Las Vegas.

While other market participants are just beginning to raise money to tackle niche corners of the industry, or others are satisfied with the status quo, we have evolved over our ten-plus year commitment to esports to reflect where the sector is going, and build a fully immersive experience for tomorrow’s player.


We have spent over a decade consistently building this loyal following, earning a reputation as a bone fide community member and a premier leader in the sector. We are great at what we do, but we have to be better than everyone, including ourselves.

This is precisely why we have gone beyond our claim to fame, and architected an all-inclusive and scalable esports ecosystem, unlike interlopers in an industry strewn with single-service providers aimed at just one market sector.

We strongly believe esports is for everyone, which is why we remain deeply committed to leveraging the infrastructure we have built, and the relationships we have cultivated, to elevate an industry we are convinced will conquer traditional sport.



Within the $2 billion-and-rapidly-growing esports industry — an entertainment phenomenon outpacing the fandom and viewership of major professional sporting leagues — we are strategically positioned to do what no other player in the space is capable of achieving; owning the entire user experience.

Engages competitors across the globe before, during and after experiential events. The proprietary, one-of-a-kind online platform facilitates and manages competitions across all skill levels, acting as the conduit for the most scalable tournament structure yet seen.

Organizes live, and online esports tournaments specializing in immersive experiences. By collaborating with leading developers and corporate partners, it oversees every element of the best and most recognized competitions, featuring the most popular esports titles.

Creates and curates content produced for broadcast, web and/or social media platforms. The ultimate launch of a 24/7 esports television network provides a viewing experience, featuring programming relevant to esports enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Operates apparel, merchandise and e-commerce initiatives. Through ownership of the manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities, it designs and creates esports-centric product lines, allowing it to partner with, and serve, every type of organization.


In 2004, 18-year-old founder Matt Jackson was passionate about two things: sports and video games. Intrigued by the similar competitive properties of his interests, Matt decided to combine them. The marrying of sports and video games led him to develop his own local area network (LAN) center — the equivalent of today’s esports arenas —  to host local competitive video gaming tournaments from his parent’s basement. What resulted and grew out of the basement eventually became The Game Attic, one of Southern Illinois’ first video gaming facilities, which moved to a 25’x 25’ space above a local restaurant. 

Furnished with over 20 consoles and cathode-ray tube (CRT) televisions, Matt began marketing tournaments on MySpace. As interest grew, fellow gamers began traveling from as far as eight hours away to his small Southern Illinois hometown just to compete for prize pools as little as $200. 

With popular titles like Halo 2, Guitar Hero and Super Smash Brothers headlining these small events, it was clear that Matt would need to rebrand, expand beyond the attic walls and host events at larger venues for his growing fan base. As a pioneer in esports, Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC) was born.

Over the next couple of years, UGC hosted periodic events, especially on college campuses to help drive recruitment efforts within the computer science and information technology career pathways. Given that live streaming was a popular avenue to showcase high-level competitive video gaming, Matt secured a sponsorship to expand UGC’s broadcasting capabilities. By doing so, it increased UGC’s ability to receive higher video signals, add more video sources and ensure quicker response times. As a result, game developers started reaching out requesting larger events, which spawned UGC’s first major qualifier event — Fighter’s Edge — showcasing the top Super Smash Brothers players in the world competing for a chance to qualify for Major League Gaming’s championship.

As UGC matured into an industry-renown tournament organizer, they joined forces with Lineup Media Group in 2016. Together, they partnered with brands such as Microsoft, Caesars Entertainment, Activation and Blizzard to host major esports events in Atlantic City, New Jersey; Mobile, Alabama; St. Louis, Missouri; Daytona Beach, Florida; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although the tournaments were a massive success with brands and fans clamoring for more, UGC understood it needed to connect with players and fans on a daily and nightly basis to satisfy the growing demand. Therefore, with guidance and technological expertise from Lineup Media Group, UGC formed an official structure to support the global community of professional players and a tournament architecture utilizing emerging technologies. UGC had always understood the esports ecosystem only exists because of community involvement; therefore, it sought to provide the community with features currently not offered by any other industry participant.

For this reason, UGC has harnessed its expertise in producing live events and created a 24/7/365 digital experience to bring together novices, intermediates and professionals alike. Through a patented online matchmaking and ranking structure, to a nationwide scholastic series for collegiate and high school players, to the production of on-demand, original content, UGC continues innovating, pushing the boundaries to expand the reach of esports for future generations.

As the fastest-growing brand in the industry, UGC does not rest on its laurels but rather strives to elevate esports with each online or live event. By leveraging its highly experienced staff and always staying true to its vision of esports, UGC ensures that every one of its activations is not just an event, but an experience.


Matt Jackson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Packer

Chief Technology Officer

Tony Burke

Chief Creative Officer

Fred Licon

Chief Operating Officer

Callie De Quevedo

Chief Marketing Officer

David Bamper

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Wannamaker

Chief Legal Officer



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